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You are welcome to your profile page on The profile page of is a place that you can have access to as a registered member of You can register on, either as a business owner who is looking to enhance, boost or improve their visibility online as well as an individual who is looking forward to get access to a wide range of business types they can easily do business with.

As a business owner, opening a profile gives you the opportunity to be able to list your business and provide information about your business on our platform. With this, it will possible for you to get more potential clients as they use our platform to look for companies they want to do business with. It will also be possible for you to change some details as the need arises. You might want to add up a new line of business your organization is branching into or you might want to change your address as your organization moves from a smaller place to a bigger place or from a rented space to a space owned by your organization.

Registering on our platform therefore, gives you a wide range of access that you can exploit towards making sure that your business is able to get more audience on the Internet. The importance of this is that you will be able to easily get a lot of people who come online to do background research on a company they should patronize before they go ahead to patronize such companies. If a listing of your company have already been placed on your company, it will be possible for you to claim such listing and update your details on it.

Your profile page on our platform gives you the opportunity to view and edit your profile on our platform. Most of the information on your profile, especially the name of your business, what you do and how customers can find you as well as other details we deem important for customers, will be available on the public domain for other customers to see. The way you present this information is mostly vital as it will determine how potential customers see your business and help them make up their mind if they are interested in patronizing your business or not.

As individuals, you will also get a profile page, where you can put some information concerning you. The information could include hints on the type and location of companies you are hoping to do business with. It will help to determine the priority of listings you see on our directory, as priority will be placed to companies and organizations that matches with your interests.

The profile page is therefore, a very important part of our platform made available to both business owners and individuals. You will be able to customize the page after you have signed up (registered) on our site and you are logged into our platform. You can use the form below to log in if you are already a registered user, or the second form to register if you are a new user.