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Businesses that are related to IT and Computers are to list their businesses here. The IT world is a very sector that encompasses a wide range of businesses. Companies that are involved in the manufacturing and selling of computers and computer hardware are to list their services here. Companies that are involved in creation of software and sales of software are to list their businesses under this category. Companies and institution that train individuals and organizations on the usage of computers are to also list their businesses under this category. Companies that are also involved in typing, designing, creation of database, designing of website and other computer services are to list their businesses under this category as well. This category also include companies that make and sell mobile phones and their software as well as those that make and sell other computer gadgets such as computer accessories and computer games.

The use of computer has become very important in recent times. For instance, virtually every organization in the world now has a computer department. Furthermore, staffs in other departments usually require the use of computer. The versatility of computer has not made computers very important, in every facet of life. Computers are used for a wide number of uses which includes typing, graphic designs, creation of database, spreadsheet management, designing of websites and troubleshooting amongst many other uses. They are used for coding of software and designing of plans for buildings as well. With the wide usage of computers, there are various companies that are involved in providing computer services as well as making and selling of computer hardware.

Some companies are responsible for making the hardware parts of the computer such as the mouse, keyboard, printers, monitors and hard disks amongst others. There are also other companies that are specialized in making of different types of software for use on computer. The software could either be graphic design software, word processors, database software, games, software for watching videos and video conversion, video editing software and web browsers amongst a very vast range of others. Individuals will normally need these software when they put on their computer. A computer without software will be useless as from the press of the “ON” button to the desktop screen requires a software running. On getting to the desktop, any other thing that would be done will also require a software as well.

There are a wide range of other IT and computer related hardware and gadgets that are available in the market. One of the most used IT related hardware in recent times are the mobile phones, most of which are now smart and are like mini computers. A lot of them can carry out most tasks that a phone can also carry out.

Individuals that are therefore looking for any business that carry out computer related services include repairs of computers are to check under this category. They should however, be sure that the company is involved in that exact service they are looking for, since no single IT company can carry out all computer related services. Read More…


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