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My lookin4me: compare listing

There are a lot of businesses that are listed on our platform and you will most certainly find a lot of businesses that can deliver to you a particular product or service. When this is the case, you will want to find a business that can easily offer you the best service on our platform. While this could be challenging, we have tried to make it very easy on our platform.

We have tried to make sure that getting the right business is possible as you can use a number of features on our platform as a guide for selecting the right listed business for the product or service you are interested. You can easily search for a product or service by type, category or location. Once you have searched a number of companies are sure to come out. Perhaps you have been able to shortlist the companies to 2 or 3 but you do not know how to go further from here, the next step to take is very easy.

You can go under the “My lookin4me” menu and select compare listing. From here, it will be possible for you to select 2 businesses and compare them. The idea is that you can from the same page view the company names, their slogan, logo, business description, ratings, location and other information that can aid you in making the final decision on which of the businesses to patronize. It is possible that both of the businesses have the same or almost the same rating and you have already ruled out that as a criterion for choosing them. Having the full profile of the 2 businesses on a page, it becomes easy for you to quickly look through every detail of both business and make your choice.

Of course, you might want to choose based on the one that is closer to you, if you intend to go pick up the products from their store. You might also want to look out their price range as this could decide which is cheaper for you, if you are already sure that both are going to provide you with the exact type and quality of service that you need. You might also want to look at their slogan and use the one you prefer to decide which of the 2 best fits you.

Generally, the compare listing platform just gives you the opportunity to have a page where you can compare 2 businesses before deciding which you will go for. The way a company projects their business, based on the information they put on their profile, therefore comes in very handy. There are customers that might want to look at the information made available on the profile, how accurate they are, the way they are presented as well as even grammar and spelling error to make a choice on whose business to patronize. This type of customers believe that a professional information on the profile is a reflection of how professional the product or service they offer is.