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My businessadvertisingdepot: claim listing

Considering our zeal and passion for ensuring that people are able to find the right company for their business, we also go out of our way to list reputable firms on our platform. We are able to achieve this by listing businesses that we have had deals with in the past, which turned out perfectly well. We also look out for reputable businesses from various cities based on their antecedents and their popularity. We list these businesses of our own accord and it has been of immense advantage and benefit to them. They have been able to get more online and offline customers from our platform due to the visibility and publicity that we provide for them.

We get the name of the business as well as every other important information about the business, especially the types of products and services they offer. We also get their contact details such as their names, addresses as well as other contact details and publish on our platform. Now, while this has helped such companies a lot, we only publicize such companies based on our own knowledge of them. This knowledge could be very limited and significantly reduce the amount of patronage they might end up getting.

In line with this, we have also provided a feature where business owners can claim a listing that belongs to them. The purpose of this is that if you have found our platform valuable or you got introduced to our platform and you find out that your business have already been listed, then you have the opportunity of taking over the listing. When you take over the listing, you will be able edit the information on it and put things in perspective just the way you want it. You get the opportunity to take full control of your listing and promote it to the public, exactly the way you want.

A major challenge with leaving your listing unclaimed is the fact that the information on your listing will get outdated. While we will try to always ensure we follow the tabs of businesses we have listed by ourselves and ensure that the information is very accurate based on our knowledge, it might be difficult to follow any business in real time. We might get to know about information (such as name, address or contact) change after some time, or we might not even be aware for a very long time. With this, potential customers who would have been directed from our platform to you will miss their way. The implication of this is that it will be very difficult for the customer to locate you and after if they find out they can’t reach you, you might end up losing them to competitor.

It is therefore in the interest of business owners, to register if they notice their business is already listed on our platform. They can easily get their marketing department or other relevant department to take charge of the management of the listing to enhance the customer base and profit of the organization.